Made in USA

POWERSTOP units provide electronic brake control for a wide range of applications and are for all trailers with electric brakes of any type. These rugged, power-packed units meet the most demanding brake control needs.

  • Supplies an added edge of brake control performance for travel, horse, and utility trailers
  • Has a brake force control knob to permit adjustment of braking power to trailers with light or heavy loads
  • Has an illuminated manual control bar that supplies proportional braking power to the trailer without affecting the tow vehicle
  • Handles up to 3 axles
  • Braking force from 0 to 16 amps both manually and automatically activated
  • Red LED indicator lamp shows intensity of the braking power being applied
  • Solid state electronic circuitry - no moving parts to wear out or maintain in proper adjustment
  • Housed in an attractive anodized aluminum case, avaiable in either black or blue
POWERSTOP - trusted for over 20 years